Projects enrich young children’s dramatic play, construction, painting and drawing by relating these activities to life outside school. Project work offers children opportunities to do their findings in a variety of ways. Children also have many occasions in the course of their project work to apply basic math, language skills and knowledge.

Our programs are designed with the individual child’s development in mind. The curriculum will lay a foundation for the child’s feeling of self-confidence, for satisfying activities, and for learning through doing. The experiences provided will work to develop the child as a whole, contributing to his/her maximum physical, mental, emotional, creativity and social development. We treasure all aspects of childhood.

Our children are offered a wide range of activities suited to their own abilities and interests. Our activities are planned to promote the joy of learning through first hand experiences in a warm, accepting, and stimulating environment. We encourage close relationships among children and teachers and cooperation between home and school, we foster a feeling of family. We strive to nurture each child, valuing his or her unique gifts in an atmosphere of mutual respect.




Letterland Phonics


Smart Mathematics

Experimental Science

Creative Art

Music & Movement

Computer Aided Learning

Water and Sand Play

Outdoor Play

Indoor Gym

Block Play


Whole Brain Learning Approach

  • Card flashing for: English, Chinese and Mathematics
  • Brain Gym
  • Brain Teasers
  • Colour Perception
  • Memory Games
  • Self – Confidence Games
  • Beyond your Imagination
  • Self-Esteem Games
  • Instant Memory Recall Training (Speed Memorizing)
  • Visual Concentration Training
  • Visual Calculation
  • Visual Perception
  • Colour Perception
  • Spatial Awareness Training
  • Mazes
  • Logical Thinking
  • Classical Music
  • And many many more……..

We are one of the few kindergartens in Singapore that provides fitness equipments for children to burn their energy!

The aim of Gymkids is to create an environment where children have fun through exercise. This approach has been embraced by Schools, Gyms, Leisure Centres, Physiotherapy departments in UK and not only by children, but by teachers, parents and instructors as well.
Children need to burn their energy.
Gymkids equipment is a good addition to existing activities, especially focusing on young visitors. Equipment can be used individually, but in groups as well.

Gymkids equipment:

• Stimulates a healthy and active lifestyle
• Help to engender healthy, active habits that will last a lifetime
• Support the physical development of children
• Help building self-esteem
• Encourage children to enjoy fitness

Playgroup   -  2 years old and above.
Nursery 1   -  2 years old and above.
Nursery 2   -  3 years old and above.
Kindergarten 1   -  4 years old and above
Kindergarten 2   -  5 years old and above
You may register your child before the age of 2 years old or when the need arises. Enrolment will depend on the vacancy available at the time when the child turns 2 years old and on a first come first serve basis. Priority will be given to a child with siblings in the Centre.
Classes are conducted in 2 sessions from 8.30am to 12.00pm and 1pm – 4.30pm from Monday to Friday, except on public, special holidays and School Holidays.
Snacks are provided.
Vegetarian and non-pork food is provided.
Holiday programs (available in June and December) and enrichment classes are available for children ages from 2 and above. For further information call 96778100.
School bus services are available but at a separate charge. For more information please call 88533023.